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Pipeline & Plant Inspection:


  • Pipeline Inspection: Guided Wave Screening, Long Range Ultrasonic (GUL)
  • Plant Inspection: Pipeline Current mapping (PCM), Tubes Testing (IRIS, Remote Field, Hydro Testing & Eddy Current)
  • Tank Floor/Wall Scanning: offers full 3D reporting, enhanced defect sizing and ability to differentiate whether defects are located at the top or the bottom


 Hot Tapping & Stopple:


  • For pipeline sizes, up to 42” (in country equipment capability)
  • For larger sizes, a short lead time is required
  • Temperatures up to 440°C and pressures up to 10,5 Mpa
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We offer a complete end-to-end range of services, including:


  • Engineering design
  • Project execution
  • Project & contract management
  • Inspection services
  • Pipeline and plant integrity services
  • Industrial services
  • Pipeline and plant maintenance, including the supply of specialised products and services from our international partners
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Pipeline Pigging Services:
  • General cleaning of Pipeline Systems, Maintenance or Pre-inspection Pigging


Calliper Surveys:
  • A geometry survey of a pipeline as a standalone service or a precursor to in-line inspection


Leak Detection and Repair:
  • Leak detection surveys along any R-OW and Repairs to the pipeline
  • Manufacturing and Installation of Pig Launchers and Receivers Skid mounted or permanent installations


On Site Machining:
  • Cold Cutting and Pipe end prepping, Line Boring, Valve Lapping, Journal Machining, Bolt Torqueing services


On Site Leak Sealing:
  • Our processes are safe, effective and environmentally friendly and are used across the following sectors; Petrochemical, Power Generation, Oil & Gas
  • Our on-line leak sealing processes are proven with success on Pipelines, Pressure Vessels, Flanges, Valves and Welded Joints
  • Seals leaks of water, gases, hydrocarbons, acids and air


Industrial Services:
  • Heavy duty solvents emulsion suitable for pitch, tar and grease removal on metal surfaces
  • These solvents are designed for cleaning heavy duty deposits leaving no streaking or staining on metal surfaces



Frontier Pipeline Services is a full pipeline solutions provider to the water, oil and gas industries. We are a proudly South African company although we have completed many projects on the international stage.

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PipeWay International’s technology originates from PETROBRAS Research Center (CENPES) and scientific research capabilities of major universities such as Pontific Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC). As one of the largest oil companies in the world, PETROBRAS has a broad range of inspection requirements. As one of their regular PETROBRAS contractors for ILI services, PipeWay has proved to be able to fulfil the most demanding industry requirements. PipeWay perform difficult inspection jobs or innovative ones such as operating the GIP off-shore 120 meters underwater to inspect subsea sections of unpiggable pipelines. Partnership with industry and research to bring intelligent solutions to complex problems.

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The Maten Group offers industrial services in metallurgy for major customers in the energy, chemical, iron and steel, military and agri-food sectors. Maten Secomoc main focus is in the design and construction of large steel storage tanks where it carries out design studies, construction, maintenance, repair and other services with its own and partner production teams. Performs boilermaking work on site and its customers operate in the petrochemical, chemical, energy, military or agri-food industries. For over 30 years the company has built reservoirs of all sizes, some up to 95,000m3. Subsidiaries with specialised trade skills carry out work on many projects other than tanks, which range from the boats to the domes of nuclear enclosure. These different companies are able to cooperate to carry out an important project but can also remain independent to carry out business outside the group with a clientele of their own. This possibility of cooperating on a major project is an asset to be able to respond to a worldwide customer base which has enabled MATEN to promote its expertise on projects in many countries.

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EPCM provides engineering, procurement and construction management services to the African and international hydrocarbon infrastructure industry. Training operators and professionals, arranging funding as well as commissioning and operating pipeline systems also form an integral part of the services offered to clients. EPCM was established by very experienced professionals with over 40 years local & international experience. From small turnkey projects to multi-billion rand projects, EPCM ensures technical integrity, safety and successful delivery of projects by leveraging their state of the art communication systems and international resource network obtained over the years. EPCM offers its services to the petrochemical, mining and metals, power and pulp, aviation and infrastructure sectors.

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